Extracurricular activity “Funny Counting” outline of a lesson in mathematics (2nd grade) on the topic

Problems in verse

Math can be fun and exciting. Don't believe me? You simply did not use problems in verse to dilute boring explanations of the material and cramming with something truly interesting for the children.

Our collection of math verse problems will help you learn addition, multiplication and division. In addition, they will introduce children to the world around them, help develop logic, and most importantly, arouse interest in learning. There are both simple examples for preschoolers and more complex ones for students in grades 1-4. Use them in lessons and when doing homework - and the results will not be long in coming!



Take a good look - There are two handles on the door. You can count the doors. One two three four five. Be diligent. Do not snooze. How many pens? Answer!

Find out the answer10 pens


Kvochka decided to count the chickens. Three cockerels and five hens. How many are there together? It's hard to know. She could only count to five.

Find out the answer8 chickens


In the morning Nelly and Nina ate two pears and a half. How many of these pears did Nina and Nelly eat for breakfast?

Find out the answer5 pears


Look, tell me, guys, how many angles does any square have?

Find out the answer4 corners


I take pencils. You count, but don't rush. Look, don’t be gaping: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue. Answer - In my hand, how many pencils are there?

Find out the answer4 pencils


Seryozhka fell into the snow, and Alyoshka followed him. And behind him is Irinka, and behind her is Marinka. And then Ignat fell. How many guys were there?

Find out the answer5 guys


Yesterday my kind grandfather gave his grandson Shura seven pieces of sweets. The grandson ate one candy. How many pieces are left?

Find out the answer6 pieces

Animals under the Christmas tree

How a Bunny, a squirrel and a badger stood in a circle under the tree, a hedgehog and a raccoon, an elk, a wild boar, a fox and a cat stood up. And the last one to stand was the bear. How many animals are there? Answer!

Find out the answer10 animals


Once upon a time, a neighbor friend galloped up to the bunny for lunch. The bunnies sat on a tree stump and ate five carrots each. Who's the smart one, guys? How many carrots did you eat?

Find out the answer10 carrots


My mother and I were at the zoo, we fed the animals by hand all day. Camel, zebra, kangaroo and long-tailed fox. I could barely see the big gray elephant. Tell me quickly, friends, What animals have I seen? And if you were able to count them, you are simply a miracle! Well done!

Find out the answer5 animals


Butterflies flew in the field, Flower petals were counted. There are five of them on this flower. Can you count how many petals there will be if there are six flowers in total?

Find out the answer30 petals


Three chickens are standing looking at the shells. There are two eggs in the nest of the hen. Count quickly, answer quickly: How many chickens will my hen have?

Find out the answer5 chickens

Shirts for ants

There are goosebumps in the anthill We sewed shirts for the holiday. One Goosebump needs to sew four shirts, How many shirts does seven Goosebumps need to sew in total?

Find out the answer28 shirts


According to the bees' advice, 7 bumblebees build a hive. After all, summer will not last forever, And the mother hurries the children. Let each bee bring 8 wax cells for honeycombs. The job is done, we must hurry. Fill the cells with linden honey. How many cells did the bumblebees bring?

Find out the answer56 cells


The monkey got 42 bananas. It's a pity, now we have to divide them into six. How many bananas will each monkey get?

Find out the answer7 bananas

Books for little mice

Mother mouse bought books. I spent a whole week reading to the kids. I couldn’t count how many books there are. She read to the mice a book every day. You guys don't yawn! How many books can you count?

Find out the answer7 books

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood was going to her grandmother. The granddaughter carried gifts in a basket. She walked slowly along a familiar path, picked mushrooms and put them in a basket. The entire distance passed unnoticed, walking two kilometers per hour. It took me three hours to reach my grandmother. How many kilometers did she walk?

Find out the answer6 kilometers

Fox cheesecakes

The fox baked cheesecakes and invited 5 girlfriends. Here are the cheesecakes. We need to divide them into six. There are 36 cheesecakes. How many of each can you eat?

Find out the answer6 cheesecakes

Monkey's books

They went to buy books. And they bought five books, so that they had something to read. Only stupid monkeys can't count books. Help the monkeys, tell me how many books they have.

Find out the answer10 books

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