open lesson on healthy lifestyle in the middle group “Country of Health” lesson plan (secondary group) on the topic

Summary of GCD on the topic of healthy lifestyle for the middle group

Abstract of the GCD for the middle group “Journey to the Kingdom of Little Ones”

Author: Vera Nikolaevna Stetsyuk, teacher of the MKDOU “Kindergarten No. 4 of the general developmental type of the urban district - the city of Novovoronezh” The abstract is intended for teachers - for working with children of middle preschool age. Goal: To develop the need for a healthy lifestyle in preschool children. Objectives: 1. To consolidate children’s knowledge about the benefits of vegetables and fruits in human life. 2. Consolidate knowledge about the presence of vitamins in vegetables, fruits and food products. 3. To consolidate children’s knowledge about the organs of vision and smell; 4. Cultivate the habit of a healthy lifestyle; 5. Form logical thinking; 6. Develop creative imagination and ear for music; 7. Develop the ability to relax the muscles of the body 8. Strengthen children's compliance with nutritional rules 9. Help children understand that health depends on proper nutrition; food should be not only tasty, but also healthy. Integration of educational areas: Social and communicative development
- formation of vocabulary, development of coherent speech;
development of imagination, interest in healthy eating. Cognitive development
– ​​the formation of ideas about health and healthy eating.
Speech development
– ​​development of speech hearing, training in speech expressiveness.
Artistic and aesthetic development
is the development of emotional feelings when perceiving an artistic word.
Physical development
- development of the need for physical activity;
development of breathing, visual muscles. Methods and techniques: questions, explanation, clarification, encouragement, literary expression, examination, evaluation of activity. Previous work: conversations, looking at illustrations of healthy food products, educational games. Materials and equipment: signal cards, ICT, illustrations on the topic.
GCD progress
Educator: Guys, look how many guests came to us today! Let's say hello to them. Let's say: “Hello, we are glad to see you!” Hello is not just a word, but a wish for health! I am also glad to see you and your guests and wish you all good health! What is health? What does it mean to be healthy? (children's answers) In order not to get sick, to always be in a good mood, I suggest you go on a trip to the “Kingdom of Little People.” Educator: Which of you wants to be healthy? All? So, we will all go to the “Kingdom of Little People” to learn the secrets of health! And we will get there on the clouds. (children go to the group carpet) Educator: Sit back and get ready to fly. Relax, close your eyes and we will fly. Relaxation “Clouds” (calm music is turned on) Imagine a warm evening. You sit on the grass and look at the clouds floating in the sky - such white, large, fluffy clouds in the blue sky. Everything around is quiet and calm, you feel warm and comfortable. With each inhalation and exhalation, you begin to slowly and smoothly rise into the air, higher and higher, towards the clouds themselves. Your arms are light, light, your legs are light. your whole body becomes light as a cloud. Here you are swimming up to the largest and fluffiest, most beautiful cloud in the sky. Closer and closer. And now you are already lying on this cloud, you feel how it gently strokes you, this fluffy and tender cloud... (pause - stroking the children). Strokes..., strokes... You feel good and pleased. You are relaxed and calm. Smile at this cloud. Stretch and... open your eyes. You have arrived in the Kingdom of the Little Ones. (For relaxation, plates with chopped garlic are brought into the group) Educator. Guys, I think there is some kind of smell here. Harsh, but very familiar. What do you feel? Children. We smell garlic. Educator . What helped you smell garlic? Children. Our nose! Educator. This means that our nose can recognize different smells - pleasant and even dangerous. And why do we need a nose? Children. The nose is needed to breathe. Educator. Absolutely right. A person needs a nose to breathe. Who can tell me how to breathe outside in frosty weather? Children. You need to breathe through your nose. Educator. Right. A person must breathe through his nose. Cold air warms up in the nose and enters the lungs already warm. In order for your nose to breathe well, you need to do breathing exercises. Breathing exercises. • Close one nostril with your finger and breathe through the other. Swap places (4 - 5 times). • Alternately pressing your index fingers on one nostril, then on the other, pronounce the sound [m]. • Breathe like a rabbit. This technique will clear the airways and will also help reduce the child’s anger level if he is angry about something. You just need to sniff three times faster and finish with a long, sustained exhalation. Educator: Well done, guys, here in the Kingdom of Nebolek we have already done gymnastics for the nose. You said that to be healthy you need to eat right. What healthy products do you know? I suggest you solve the riddles. Guessing riddles. Presentation. 1. Red-haired like a fox But she sits in a dungeon, She deftly holds her tail over the garden bed Called...(carrot)

2. It is almost like an orange, with thick skin, juicy, only one drawback - very, very sour. (lemon)

3. Look into the autumn garden Miracle - Balls hanging. Reddish, ripe side for the kids' teeth. (Apple)

4. I was little green, then I became scarlet, I turned black in the sun, and now I am ripe. (Cherry)

5. She is very tasty, Red color and so delicate, You can even make porridge, You won’t find her more beautiful again. Even if it’s heavy, big, we all rejoice in tearing it off. There is one in the garden, let’s guess, we call it a chorus. (pumpkin)

6. They hang in clusters And look at the sun, The color is like a traffic light Red, yellow... (tomato)

Educator : Oh, guys, the wind blew and healthy vegetables and fruits scattered. Let's collect them. Collecting pictures of vegetables and fruits, cut into 4 parts. Educator: Well done, guys, now we’ll check if you’re confusing healthy food with unhealthy food? Didactic video game “Healthy and unhealthy food.” We clap what is useful, we stomp what is harmful. Educator: Our eyes worked a lot today and were a little tired. Let's do some eye exercises. Gymnastics for the eyes. Move your eyes to the left imperceptibly, casually. Who's next to you on the left? Answer loudly and quickly! Now look carefully with your eyes to the right. Who's next to you on the right? Speak quietly. Now let's look up - there is a high ceiling. Now let’s close our eyelids and look at the sock. Educator: In order for healthy food to be well absorbed, you need to follow the nutritional rules. I will now read the rules to you, and if you agree with me, then show me the green signal of the card. If not, red. If correct, what color are you picking up? What if it's wrong? Game “Yes, No” Before eating, you should always wash your hands with soap. You need to eat at any time, even at night. You need to eat foods that are good for your health. The spoon must be held with both hands. You cannot talk while eating. Food must be swallowed without chewing. We have repeated the rules of nutrition. What are they needed for? (so that food is well absorbed and beneficial). Educator: Our journey is coming to an end. In the Kingdom of Nebolek we saw and learned a lot of interesting things. I want to wish you all good, good health. And so that you don’t get sick, I treat you with ascorbic acid vitamins. We need to go back to kindergarten. (We walk onto the carpet and turn on calm music) Relaxation “Clouds” Imagine that you are sitting on a white, large, fluffy cloud in the blue sky. Everything around is quiet and calm, you feel warm and comfortable. With each inhalation and exhalation, you begin to slowly and smoothly descend towards the clearing, lower and lower, towards the grass itself. Your arms are light, light, your legs are light. Your whole body becomes light, like a cloud. Now you are approaching the greenest grass. Closer and closer. And now you are already lying on the grass, feeling how she gently strokes you (pause - stroking the children). Strokes..., strokes... You feel good and pleased. You are relaxed and calm. Smile. Stretch and... open your eyes. You did a good job today. Well done!

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Summary of a lesson on healthy lifestyle in the middle group “Pinocchio”

Integration of educational areas

: health, cognition, physical education, safety, socialization

Give an idea of ​​the components of a healthy lifestyle. Foster the need to be healthy: eat vegetables and fruits, other healthy foods, perform hygiene procedures; cultivate moral qualities, feelings of compassion and care for other people. Develop the ability to creatively use motor skills in independent motor activity; develop auditory attention, thinking, speech.

Activate dictionary

: microbes, vitamins. Preliminary work: conversations, role-playing game “Hospital”, maintaining a daily routine, performing hygiene procedures.


: toy - Pinocchio, set of models: vegetables, fruits, products; “wonderful bag”, hygiene items; letter, pictures of teeth.

Progress of the lesson



: Guys, this morning a letter was brought to our group. It says: “To the guys of the middle group.” Want to know who it's from? I read: “I’m looking forward to visiting all the guys today! Definitely come, I’ll be glad!” Pinocchio.


: What will we decide? Shall we go visit? Hurry up, guys, let's take our seats, stand one after another. We start the engine and hit the road, we're leaving! Children “twist” their arms at their chest. Wheels, wheels, knocking, knocking, knocking. “Ride” in a circle. And in small trailers there is a campaign of children. They approach the house.


Well, it seems like Buratino’s house, but where is he? And he wanted to see us so much... why doesn’t he meet us? Let's sit down and wait for him. Children sit on chairs. There are groans and sighs. A Pinocchio doll appears with a bandaged cheek.


Oh, how it hurts me!


b: Pinocchio! What happened to you? We came to visit you, and it turns out you got sick?


: The day started so well: In the morning I cleaned up the room, And sat down at the window to wait for you. And quietly, little by little, I ate the entire supply of candies!


And did you have a lot of sweets?


Here is this red package. Educator: Ay, ay. Pinocchio! Didn't anyone tell you about candy?


: No, I didn’t make it to school and therefore I can’t read, and I don’t listen to my friend Malvina - she teaches me something all the time.


: Because of your stubbornness, various troubles happen to you. Don’t cry, we will take pity on you and help you cope with the pain. Guys, how can you feel sorry for Pinocchio? What should I say, what should I do? (Children's answers: stroke, cuddle, kiss, say kind words)


Pinocchio, do you feel better?


: Yes, thank you, the pain has subsided.


Then let's figure out what you did wrong?
Guys, can you eat so much sweet stuff at once? What can this lead to? (Children’s answers: you can’t eat too much sweets, your teeth get spoiled and hurt, your stomach hurts, a rash appears on the skin ).

: You see how much harm it does. And all this is because our body works well only when we eat healthy foods. Guys, what should you eat properly? What is healthy for both children and adults to eat? (Children’s answers: cottage cheese, milk, fruits, vegetables)


: That's right, and you should definitely eat meat, because it contains a lot of substances that give us strength. Vitamins are found in all necessary foods..Do we want to be healthy? (Yes) Strong and brave? (Yes) And in order for Pinocchio to better remember which foods are healthy and which are not, I suggest playing together.

Game "Clap your hands."

The teacher names a useful product - the children clap their hands, if it is not useful - they are silent.

Game "Useful - not useful."

(2 participants, 2 baskets each, a set of dummies of fruits, vegetables and products are placed in one pile) Children arrange items according to their useful qualities in red and blue baskets.


Let's check if the guys made the right choice.
Shows the contents of the baskets and discusses the beneficial and harmful properties of food, putting the useful ones in one basket .

: Here, Pinocchio, is a basket of healthy products, take it and remember what should be on your menu.


: Now I will eat healthy food.


But it seems to me that Buratino not only overeats on candy, but also does not follow some rules for caring for his body and teeth.
After all, to be healthy you need to not only eat right, but also keep your body clean. How to do this? (Children's answers: wash, bathe with a washcloth and soap; wash; brush teeth; wash hands with soap; comb) The teacher shows a picture of a white tooth with a smile and a gray tooth .

: Which tooth do you think has a better life?
Why is he smiling? (Children's answers: The white tooth smiles because it is given vitamins, it is cleaned and it does not hurt )

: Pinocchio, do you follow these rules of personal hygiene?
That's why your teeth are asking for help. Do you have hygiene products ?

: I don’t even know what’s on the shelf, I’ll bring it now.


: Then everything is clear. I'll have to help you again. Bring what you have in the bathroom. Guys, can we help Pinocchio figure out what is needed and why? Pinocchio brings a “Wonderful bag”. Game. The teacher invites the children, one by one, to determine by touch what is in the bag. (soap dish, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup, comb, washcloth, paper napkin.) Children immediately explain which item is needed for what.


:Keep your bag and use the items for their intended purpose. And to make it more fun, say a nursery rhyme: Water, water, Children pronounce the text, accompanying the movements Wash my face, fingers. So that the eyes shine, So that the cheeks blush, So that the mouth laughs, So that the tooth bites.


:And the guys and I will also show you what kind of warm-up you can do. Specially for you!

Physical exercise "Pinocchio"


Pinocchio stretched - Movements according to the text. He bent over once, he bent over twice. He spread his arms to the sides, apparently he couldn’t find the key. To get the key we need to stand on our toes !


: Thank you guys, now I will definitely wash my face, brush my teeth and eat healthy food and exercise

: I’m very glad that the guys and I helped you. And now you have to take care of your health yourself!


: Oh, I have a tasty and healthy treat for you. Eat to your health! (Children help themselves to an apple and carrot.)


: Have you refreshed yourself? Let's say "thank you" to Pinocchio. It's time for us to go back. The train is waiting for us soon. Guys, hurry up, let's take our places. Children line up one after another, start the engine and hit the road, we're leaving! "Start" the engine. Wheels, wheels, knocking, knocking, knocking. “They go” in a circle on the chairs. And in small trailers there is a campaign of children.


: Here we are in the group again. Did you enjoy the trip? How should you take care of your health? (Children's answers) To be strong and courageous, do exercises every day!

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